Electronic unit Boiler Water Control

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Elektronikenhet för att styra automatisk vattennivå i ångpanna,

The electronics are connected to a probe that measures the resistance between the water in the boiler and the boiler's metal casing. When the water level drops below the probe, the pump starts and fills water until the level is restored.

Operating voltage: 12 V/DC
Pump motor voltage: 12 V/DC
Max motor current: 1,0 A

Power Consumption Electronics, without / with motor: 10 mA/100mA

Dimensions, mm: 80 x 35 x 20
Weight, electronics: 35 grams

Anslutningar JST servokontakt Hona 3 pol.

Water Mesure Probe

The probes are not included in the delivery due to the variety of different threads and dimensions of Unions available on the market. A description of how to make your own probe se homepage.

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